Appraiser-friendly AMC partner.

The best appraisals are delivered by the best appraisers. That’s why we offer full appraiser support, guarantee fair and fast payment, and treat appraisers like true partners.
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Competitive Rates

Apex rates are not only competitive, you can count on them to be consistent year-round. We never lower our base rates when the market slows down.

Hassle-Free Portal

Our Portal is simple and straightforward with no complicated software, extra steps, or automated reviews. Accept, update, and upload your report all from one screen.

No Hidden Fees

No onboarding fees. No portal fees. No upload fees. When you work with an appraiser-friendly management company like Apex, what you see is what you get.

Full Support

Working with an AMC means no more angry customers or pressure to “hit” value. Working with Apex means you also get full support from a friendly, knowledgeable staff and review appraisers.

Get Paid 2x Monthly

Don’t wait 30, 60 or even 90 days to get paid. You did the work. You earned the money. Get your paycheck twice a month like every other hard working American.

Performance Perks

Are you performing like a rock star but not being treated like one? After ensuring geographical competency, we give priority to our highest performing appraisers.

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